SIAF Announces Partnerships to Advance Aquaculture Scientific Techniques

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MOU with CibusDx to Co-Develop Rapid Disease Detection Device
Second Public, Private, Academic Collaboration

October 30, 2017
GUANGZHOU, China– Sino Agro Food, Inc. (OTCQX: SIAF | OSE: SIAF-ME), a
specialized investment company focused on protein food including seafood and cattle,
is pleased to announce entry into two partnerships that advance its technical
leadership in aquaculture.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CibusDx
In September of 2017, Sino Agro Food, Inc. (SIAF) signed a memorandum of
understanding for cooperation and mutual benefit with CibusDx, a Utah, USA-based
company that has developed a portable device capable of rapid testing for, among
other things, diseases in shrimp and other species of interest to SIAF. The CibusDx
testing system is also designed to communicate, report, and record the results of
tests done in the field to secure data repositories. The state of the art CibusDx system
provides important advances in disease detection methodologies, and will greatly
benefit the aquaculture industry.

The agreement places SIAF on the cutting edge of new technology development that
can be leveraged by the company for its own purposes and for potential licensing and
training contracts.

SIAF’s Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Ostrowski commented, “Given that SIAF has
multiple species of animals entering its sites daily, it is imperative we have a method
to rapidly screen incoming animals for disease to maintain high levels of biosecurity.
This device will screen for selected diseases within an hour, instead of days, as is the
typical time for collection of samples, sending them to an appropriate lab, and having
the results returned. The device is easy to use with a minimum of training and results
cannot be compromised by poor analytical or reporting methods. It will greatly
reduce our risk of bringing disease onto our sites. The device will be used to monitor
for disease status on SIAF farms on a regular basis.”
As outlined in the MOU, SIAF and CibusDX will work together to further develop
and certify the CibusDx system for use by SIAF. The parties will further discuss SIAF
selling and distributing the CibusDx system within mainland China and SIAF using
the communication capabilities of the CibusDx system to provide exclusive
professional consultation to customers within mainland China.

Said SIAF CEO Solomon Lee, “The MOU with CibusDX is one among many
partnerships we envision with high technology companies to enhance the value and
scientific credibility of SIAF and its investee, Tri-way Industries, Ltd. Such
partnerships will provide the latest technologies as well as an additional income
stream to the company.”

CibusDx has an agreement with the University of Arizona Aquaculture Program to
develop assays and take steps to certify the device and assays through appropriate
regulatory bodies. SIAF will aid development by providing advice, samples for testing,
and validation at SIAF laboratories. Dr. Ostrowski and his research team will lead the
efforts at the SIAF laboratories to be established at its aquaculture facilities in
Zhongshan, “Aquafarm 4.”

SIAF Joins Public, Private, and Academic Collaboration
Several scientific research institutions and an agriculture enterprise have
collaborated to establish a new type of modern research and development institution,
“Zhongshan Collaborative Innovation Application Research Institute.”
The R&D institution brings together provincial plant protection experts, vegetable
and fruit technology and innovation industrial teams, and the aquaculture industry
team. The collaboration will rely on technology and operational experience provided
by Sino Agro Food, Inc. and on strong technical support from the other members to
accelerate the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological
achievements to promote collaborative research and speed the realization of
agricultural modernization, industrialization and to scale production.
SIAF expects the exchange of complementary expertise among the parties to be of
particular benefit to advance its planned aquaponics and terrestrial plant missions at
Tri-way’s Zhongshan facility.
The Zhongshan Daily published an article about the new collaboration, which is
translated on SIAF’s website:

About CibusDx Inc.
CibusDx ( is a Salt Lake City based diagnostic company
dedicated to developing a state-of-the-art food safety platform. A biotechnology
company, CibusDx has developed devices to ensure product safety and quality
control for the food industry, analyzing for food borne bacterial and viral

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