Cibus Therapeutics

Cutting Edge

  • Technology for specific editing of known sequence without introduction of foreign genetic material 
  • Able to specifically change the DNA of an organism to prevent or enhance gene expression  
  • Already proven useful for disease prevention in GMOs 

Novel Approach

  • Validated in key viral infections and could be a platform with huge potential 
  • Foundational R&D done to provide
    optimism for successful viral disease control 
  • Virulence genes in pathogens critical for successful infection already developed

Broad Application

  • Non-GMO approach 
  • Potentially control any pathogen 
  • DNA or viral vector-based approaches possible 

African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever currently has no treatment or vaccine, and causes death within 7-10 days.


Caused $140B in losses in 2019

300M - 350M Pigs have either been culled or have died from the virus in China in 2019. Roughly 25% of the global supply

Experts are calling it Pig Ebola, and the Worlds 
Greatest Animal Crisis

White Spot Syndrome Virus

Shrimp disease that currently has no treatment or vaccine, and causes death to the entire pond within 4-7 days.


Causes $1 billion in industry losses every year

80-100% mortality in 5-7 days

Vietnam alone lost $800M USD in 2017 due to massive white spot problem


Licensed Technology

Cibus Biotechnologies owns an exclusive world-wide license for technology developed at the University of Arizona that claims to stop a virus’s ability to replicate. Multiple patents were filed in 2019. It is anticipated that additional patents will be filed as work continues. The initial viral targets will be WSSV and African Swine Fever.